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Music for any anniversary party, birthday celebration or event

Music for parties and events in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and other areas of the UK

Christmas Cracker and Place Setting
Christmas Cracker and Place Setting

Eugene can play for any anniversary party, birthday party, event or seasonal celebration. He can provide cool solo jazz piano and he can also provide other line ups right up to a five piece jazz band. Live music is always a focal point at parties and seems to inspire conversation. Eugene has the knack of providing music which fits the mood and ambience of any party without being obtrusive.

A gazebo can also be provided for outdoor parties and a radio mike is also available for announcements and speeches.

Parties and events often have a theme such as: Manhattan night, black and white movie night, prohibition party, 1930’s evening, gangster party etc. By far the two most popular are Cockney and James Bond themed events. Eugene has provided music for many James Bond theme events and even played for the premier of the “Quantum of Solace”. See the James Bond page for more details. Also see the Singalong page to find out more about Cockney themed events.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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