Corporate Events

Piano music for corporate events in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and other areas of the UK

White Grand Piano
White Grand Piano

Eugene can play for any corporate event, product launch, store opening etc.

Eugene has provided cool jazz for many corporate events. He is quite flexible in that he can provide a variety of line ups from solo piano right up to a jazz band. Here is a list of line ups available:

Solo piano

Piano and bass

Piano and vocals

Piano, bass and drums

Piano, bass and vocals

Piano, bass, drums and vocals

Piano, bass, drums, vocals and sax

Eugene uses three different singers who can provide a range of material and styles to suit most events. A lot of events are themed and Eugene has provided music for James Bond theme evenings, Manhattan theme nights, black and white movie nights, prohibition parties, 1930’s evenings, gangster parties etc.

Heineken Logo
Heineken Logo

On Wednesday 29th October 2008 Eugene provided music for the James Bond “Quantum Of Solace” Premier cocktail party. This was organised by Heineken International who are the the main sponsors of the James Bond Film “Quantum Of Solace”.

Click here for more information on James Bond

Live music is always a focal point at corporate events and Eugene has the knack of providing music which fits the mood and ambience of any event.

Eugene can also supply a PA system and a radio mike for guest speakers, comedians etc. He can provide sound in up to three different locations simultaneously and he can even provide a gazebo for outdoor events.

Eugene is frequently asked if he can relocate amongst other questions. Relocating isn’t usually a problem and Eugene is adept at working round problems so you’ll be in safe hands. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.